Blind Date Etiquette

Some people find blind dates unbearably awkward, and others enjoy them. Some blind dates, admittedly, are unbearably awkward, while others are quite enjoyable.

Behavior on a blind date should be no different than that on any other date. Even if you know at first glance that this person is all wrong for you, kindness dictates you behave graciously. After all, it is not your date's fault that the two of you are a mismatch.

The ultimate in rude behaviour is to ditch a blind date in the middle of an evening or even to avoid speeding time with your date. You accepted the invitation to go in this date, and you have no choice but to be kind to the person even he or she have five heads and bright orange eyes.

What you need to do and what is actually unkind is to pretend that this is someone you want to see again. At the end of the evening , if the person expresses an interest in seeing you again, consider this one of those occasions when a white lie is needed to let someone off gently.

Say, you are very busy, you are going to be traveling a lot, or that you are recuperating from a broken heart and do not think you can handle a relationship right now, anything that lets the other person know he or she will not be seeing you again. Even if the person does not ask about seeing you again, do not end the evening with a false promise to call.

If your date persist, you may be forced to be a little franker and simply say, "I can tell you are a fine person, but i don't think we are right for each other".

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#1 awesome blog here ..... ive

awesome blog here ..... ive never tride a blind date .. im sure it is quite interesting .... ;) thanks

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